Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dustin Tucker - Poster

Biography of Paul Sandip:

Paul Sandip is a very inspiring designer that puts his life into his work. His work experience is as a senior designer for LG Electronics Private Limited, GM Modular Private Limited in India, and as a Freelance Designer. His most memorable phrase is, “I don't work, I only play!” in which he displays the fact that he not only loves his job as a designer, but that he chooses to live his life as a designer. Written by: Dustin Tucker

His work can be viewed at: differentialdesign and coroflot

Why did I choose Sandip?

His views of Design are similar to my own.

What did I like about doing the project?

Exploring his work and helping myself find where I am and where I want to be.

“Design is not just a process, it is a lifestyle and a philosophy.” -Dustin Tucker

Dustin is a Senior with a Major in Industrial Drafting & Design (focused in product design) and a Minor in Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology.

Personal Interest: PC enthusiast (building and tweaking), snowboarding, drawing, and living in the design studio.
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differential design said...

Thank you for your appreciation. :)

suhasini said...

hey Dustin I am totally agree with you!!